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Ahmed Larouz | just about my passion and ambition
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Maghrib Belgium Impulse Days will be an exclusive event where you will have the opportunity to interact with representatives of some of the most promising Moroccan economies. 

Dutch- Met trots presenteren we de nieuwe webiseries van The Inclusion Leaders Network aka Incleaders: "De Toekomst van Inclusief Leiderschap in de Politiek" Meld je...

We zijn trots om de volgende serie ASATT NL (A Seat At The Table) te introduceren.. Met deze online inspiratiesessie beginnen we met de...

Very excited to speak at the upcoming U-Founders webinar on my favorite topic Smart Networking! Sharing my real experience with startups, young professionals and anyone searching for or building new ones.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies are beginning to shape important parts of the digital economy, impacting core areas of our increasingly networked societies. Whether it's transportation or manufacturing, social justice or health and education.

The Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (CoESL) and Constructive Solutions Inc. will be hosting their 2020 Sustainable Livelihoods through Entrepreneurship Conference via Zoom, on October 28th and 29th, 2020.

Many companies pretend to be an advocate of diversity and inclusion, but I doubt if they have a lot of impact. Many of...