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Ahmed Larouz | Words from the Chair
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Words from the Chair

Ahmed larouz

Words from the Chair

Dear CEDAR friends and supporters,

I am honoured to introduce myself as the new Chair of the CEDAR Board. I feel privileged to have been elected by my fellow Board members to this post and I look forward to overseeing CEDAR’s development in the coming few years. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Rooful Ali for his dedication and leadership as CEDAR Chair over the past two years—I hope to maintain the high standard of leadership he has set. A special thank you also to the Advisory Board for their enthusiastic support and invaluable contributions to the Network.

It is a critical moment for CEDAR to demonstrate its leadership and the distinctive value of this pool of talent drawn from Europe’s diverse communities. The focus over the next year will be on raising CEDAR’s profile as one of the pre-eminent professional networking platforms in Europe and offering networking opportunities for members and our wider network of advocates and supporters, including a major pan-European networking event currently scheduled for spring 2012. I look forward to engaging with you as we steer CEDAR in this new phase of development.

You will find CEDAR’s Summer-Autumn Update attached, highlighting some of our recent achievements and outlining upcoming activities to look forward to. There is much work to be done and I am pleased that ISD has agreed to continue to facilitate the network. I will be working closely with them, our institutional partners and each of you to achieve our goals and ensure that our expectations of CEDAR are realised.

I hope you will contribute to CEDAR’s development and I would be happy to hear from you with any ideas you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me at chair@thecedarnetwork.com.


Yours sincerely,

Ahmed Larouz

Chair, CEDAR




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