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Ahmed Larouz | Moroccan Social Entrpeneurship Summit
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Moroccan Social Entrpeneurship Summit

Moroccan Social Entrpeneurship Summit

“Inspiring and Enabling the Ecosystem”

Casablanca, 15th September 2013, there shall be the first edition of the ” Moroccan Social Entrepreneurship Summit ” organized by Moroccan Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship in partnership with Association and Students in Action . The event takes place at l’Académie des Arts Traditionnels in Casablanca (Nearby Mosque Hassan II).

The event, as a space for dialogue, innovation and exchange shall gather various social and economic actors of the Moroccan kingdom, entrepreneurs, investors, innovators but also practitioners.

Over 100 beneficiaries shall come to hear 10 speakers from Morocco, India, the Netherlands, the United States and other countries, all passionate about the power of innovation in meeting the needs of society. This one-day event shall include sessions of reflections on social entrepreneurship in Morocco, a series of training workshops for young people and professionals, as well as panel discussions with social entrepreneurs around the world.

Several projects will be presented such as “Looly’s “, a case which has revolutionized the status of women in Sidi Kacem by introducing a new use of traditional couscous, Anou which makes illiterate artisans independent and more in the field of health and education.

In the context of supporting the sector of social entrepreneurship, the Moroccan CISE and Students in Action aim at networking skills and knowledge for a more engaged and supportive SE ecosystem in Morocco.

For any additional information:


Email : contact@mcise.org

Contact Moroccan CISE Team :

Adnane Addioui : 0667454587

Contact Students in Action Team  :

ZIyad Bouchane : 0648 55 26 76

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MoroccanCise

Web Site: http://www.mcise.org/


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