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Social Finance London

Social Finance London


The Buncher Interfaith and Intercultural Conference is a multifaith event aiming at bringing together top leaders from different disciplines to discuss critical issues pertaining to the life of their communities. This year, the conference is looking at bringing together faith and cultural leaders, professional and lay with those in business who work with communities. The conference takes place each year in London at the illustrious Church House Conference Centre.

WHAT TO EXPECT? This year’s conference will explore  the complex interaction between the business and voluntary sectors and will focus on: social finance; corporate social responsibility; businesses utilizing community values and ethics; and the development of partnership models between businesses and communities.

WHO IS THIS CONFERENCE FOR? The conference is designed to create a bridge between business, finance and communities and will include input from renowned practioners, leading social finance experts from the Oxford business school as well as a variety of other experts. More specifically, the conference is aimed at: senior community professional and leaders; corporate social responsibility as well as diversity and inclusion directors.



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