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PlayandPeace Brussels

PlayandPeace Brussels

On June 11th 2016 the 365 days challenge for Brussels starts in Molenbeek

One week after the terroristic attacks on Brussels, « Orange in Brussels » met with the Mayor of Molenbeek, Françoise Schepmans, and the alderman responsible for Sport, Ahmed El Khannouss . Two months later a platform of partners formulated a challenge for Brussels, which seeks to connect everybody in Belgium and beyond to strengthen the city.

POSTER MOLENBEEK_21.05The objective is to establish the first « Cruyff Court(s) » in Brussels, starting in Molenbeek. To accomplish this a « 365 days PlayandPeace Milk can Tour » (fundraising campaign), will start on the 11th of June in Molenbeek, with the support of the college of the mayor and aldermen of Molenbeek.

This campaign seeks to promote people connecting for a common goal, develop dialogue and contribute towards the concept of ‘unity in diversity’ through combined actions on sports. An important part of the challenge is to train a selected group of young people from Molenbeek in the 14 guiding principles of Johan Cruyff  (team player, responsibility, respect, creativity, et cetera). They can grow to become ambassadors in their neighbourhoods.

The challenge is organised by the PlayandPeace platform in coordination with the Municipality of Molenbeek. The extension of the training program to other parts of the city will depend on the success of the «365 days PlayandPeace Milk can Tour ».

The Mayor of Molenbeek Françoise Schepmans, the alderman responsible for Sport  Ahmed El Khannouss and the alderman responsible for social cohesion, Sarah Turine, and other representatives for Belgium, and the Netherlands, France, Germany and other international guests will participate in the campaign launch and charity tournament.

The ceremony will start on June 11 at 13h00 at the Place Communale in Molenbeek with a short concert from the European Brass Quintet followed by a minute of silence to remember the victims of the terroristic attacks across the world. The press conference marks the official start of the « 365 days Milk can tour ». After the press conference, the attendees will move per metro to the Sippelbergstadion, where the football charity tournament will start at 15.30h – participating teams consist of a Belgium Team from Molenbeek, Orange in Brussels (NL), La Mannschaft (DE) and les Blues L’EIFE (FR).

The initiative was initiated by the Dutch Football team in Brussels Orange in Brussels and The Cedar Network, following a meeting with the Mayor of Molenbeek, Françoise Schepmans, and the alderman responsible for Sport, Ahmed El Khannouss on the 30th March 2016, after the horrific terroristic attacks that hit our city so much. Together we developed ideas and gained wide support for them. The challenge was born out of people coming together with the aim to contribute to strengthening city of Brussels. Among them former Dutch Anderlecht player and ambassador for PlayandPeace Jan Mulder: “Johan Cruyff in Brussels? ‘Orange’ showing solidarity with the city? Long live the great ideas!”






Thomas Mellaerts, trumpet

Thomas Roelants , trumpet

Brecht Vandenbogaerde, horn

Arturo Gazquez, trombone

Stephan Vanaenrode, tuba




Françoise Schepmans, Mayor of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

In these difficult times for the reputation of Molenbeek-Saint-John, this football match between the Netherlands and Belgium is a sign of engagement of different neighbouring countries for the benefit of a positive society between peoples, without discrimination based on nationality, origin or the colour of the skin. Sports destroys the prejudices and rebuilds brotherhood.


Ahmed El Khannouss, Alderman for Sports of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Sport brings people together. Sports puts us to go beyond our own barriers. In Molenbeek just like anywhere else a universal language is created as a carrier of values and hope. But this language is mainly an eloquent message of peace, of unconditional solidarity. It is a warm call to brotherhood, against violence and cruelty. Here in Molenbeek, today and together, let’s  meet this challenge for Brussels together!


Sarah Turine, Alderman for Social Cohesion of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

This match with different Nations participating is a testimony to how important sport is as support for the promotion of an intercultural dialogue. It gives opportunity to our youth to show excellence.


Please read more statements our ambassadors on: www.playandpeace.com 

Unico van Kooten et Ahmed Larouz (co-initiateurs PlayandPeace) :

info@playandpeace.com, www.playandpeace.com


Service Presse de la Commune de Molenbeek-Saint-Jean:



Program 11 June 2016:


13h00      Opening ceremony and press conference

Place Communale Molenbeek (outside)

15h30  Charity Tournament


Mahatma Ghandilaan 5


Françoise Schepmans

Mayor Molenbeek


Maryem van den Heuvel

Dutch ambassador to Belgium

Minister Brussels regional government
Ahmed El Khannouss

Alderman for Sports in Molenbeek

Jan Mulder (Footballplayer)

Ambassador PlayandPeace


Pieter de Gooijer

Dutch ambassador to the EU

Minister Brussels Regional government Ilja van Holstein
Johan Cruyff Foundation 
Maryem van den Heuvel

Dutch ambassador to Belgium

Sven Gatz

Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth, Media and Brussels


An de Kock


Special Guest
Rachid Madrane

Walloon Minister for Youth Care, Sports and Brussels


Johan van Geijn

KNVB Worldcoaches

18.15 – Award ceremony + announcement amount of money raised on first day
Ayman Ramdani


Ahmed Larouz

The Cedar Network

Minister Brussels regional government
Belgium VIP


Daniel Benjamens

President OiB

Maryem van den Heuvel

Dutch ambassador to Belgium

Jan Huitema  ALDE NL

Member of European Parliament

Unico van Kooten

Founder OiB

Pieter de Gooijer

Dutch ambassador to the EU

Jeroen Lenaers – EPP NL

Member of European Parliament

Teams:  BE (Molenbeek), NL (OiB), DE (La Mannschaft), FR (L‘EIFE) SPECIAL GUEST



The 365 days PlayandPeace Milk can Tour


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