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Ahmed Larouz | Live PlayandPeace at Edmond Machtensstadion
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Live PlayandPeace at Edmond Machtensstadion

Live PlayandPeace at Edmond Machtensstadion

23th December, Edmond Machtensstadion Live coverage historic Brussels football derby “RWDM – Union St.Gilloise” with special focus on the victims of the attacks in Brussels.

We cordially invite representatives of all media to publish information and for the full coverage of the historical football derby between RWDM and Union St. Gilles in the Edmond Machtensstadion.

Before the kick-off a Belgium- Dutch group of artists will perform the song “ChangeOurGame”. This marks also the start of a 4 months song contest, with three price categories (see PDF attachment). Schools in Brussels and beyond will receive a special brochure with all relevant details. The YouTube Channel “Change Our Game” will post all incoming video’s for song contest. On the 70th Birthday of Johan Cruyff, on the 25th April the price winners will be honoured.

Furthermore, the Presidents of both football clubs have called upon their fans to bring with them a cuddle for the children which have become victim of the terroristic attacks in Brussels. These cuddles will pay tribute to Johan Cruyff, who passed away on the 24th March and left behind a concept for children/ youth which is going to be implemented in Molenbeek. A delegation of the victims will take part in the events during the match and they will receive the cuddles on behalf of all victims concerned.

On behalf of all parties mentioned we cordially hope that you will accept our invitation and we are looking forward to see you in the Edmond Machtensstadion on the 23th December at 19:30 (rue Charles Malis in 1080 Molenbeek).

Your contacts:
Unico van Kooten et Ahmed Larouz (co-initiators PlayandPeace)info@playandpeace.com |  www.playandpeace.com
Victims of terroristic attacks in BXL – LIFE FOR BRUSSELS :  Jamila Adda |  jamila.adda@gmail.com


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