Ahmed Larouz | About
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About me

Driven by my ambition desire decent position

Ahmed Larouz is a social innovator, entrepreneur and a strategic creative communication and marketing manager. He is the Co-founder and Author of 180 Amsterdammers celebrating Amsterdam’s rich cultures and for being the most diverse city in the world. Gained experience across several industries around the globe and has consulted commercial businesses, start-ups, government and social organizations.
Founded Bridgizz, a communication and marketing agency based in Amsterdam with a satellite office in Casablanca (Morocco), focusing on the MENA region.

* Prior to that he co-founded and owned a Consultancy Company Mexit on Diversity Management and Communication. He was active in the fields of diversity business, diversity marketing and communication, recruitment, training and coaching for more than 15 years. Ahmed is also pro-active and developed innovative and creative initiatives concerning social cohesion, social innovation and entrepreneurship around Europe. .

* Ahmed is also the co-founder of incLeaders (Inclusion Leaders Network) and PlayandPeace a platform which he and his friend Unico van Kooten have created right after the Paris and Brussels attacks to promote peace and sustainable binding between the Belgian citizens. After two years of hard working, they realised a Cruyff Court (created by the legend Johan Cruyff) for the kids of Molenbeek, .

* Ahmed is a Board Member of various organizations. Among these are Amsterdams 4 and 5 mei comité, Cineblend Film Festival (chair), The Cedar Network (Chair of Europe’s First Diaspora Leaders Network), Rabobank, TANS (co-founder and chairman between 2000-2006) a network of highly educated immigrants, Morocco Fund (co-founder and vice-president). He is also a founding member of different entrepreneurs.

Ahmed has also invented, initiated and organized Ramadan Festival. The first of its kind in the western world. He has implemented this approach in different cities through the globe. In 2008 He launched it in London, Lausanne, Belgium and Norway.

Specialties: Project Management, Business Development, Intercultural Management, Diversity Management, Social Activism, Radicalisation, Communication & Marketing, Crisis-Communication, Design, Social Media, Training, Coaching, Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship